In retrospect,

Yah, looking back, hahaahHAHAhAHAH MY WRITING skills were so bad and I sounded like such a little bitch!!! 

Well, still the same little bitch, to be pragmatic… still unable to focus, and a prodigious amount of misplaced sexual frustration and pathetic teenage angst… but I’d like to thing I’ve grown just a tiny bit more…whether it’s manifested by my countless reflection journals/Tumblr posts—(that only about 2 people read. )

Funny How we have to fabricate a story to link our past selves with our current selves, or our current selves with our ‘real self/essence’ for that matter.  

—dream is destiny—

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Waking Life

A classmate and I were walking in the streets of Shanghai at 5 AM to the Metro station (we went to a club then sat on a table ‘talking about life’ (as vapid and trite as it sounds) until around 4 AM, then slept for one more hour on the sofas in the lobby of the other friend’s house) and I had this moment of epiphany… and pure bliss. It sort of felt like I was high on MJ, or maybe because I had some whiskey the night before, but the somber, regimented streets of Shanghai suddenly felt so surreal. And it wasn’t just that moment as well… when we were at Perry’s, or getting money from one of those impeccable, septic ‘hospital rooms’ they call ATMs, or when our taxi was the ONLY car in the tunnel to Pudong… a feeling of pseudo-drunkness combined with the half-retarded glare of a newborn baby gazing at the world. 

Then for the past two days I’ve been forced to stay home from school due to director’s concern of me spreading chicken pox to others. Holy shit, the mental games and perpetual thinking, and endeavors to transgress my MUNDANE SHIT to something ethereal and abstract have almost driven me crazy… I’m having the constant urge to sleep in hopes that I’ll find solace from this onerous mental game.

Well yeh, those surreal moments are always there —anywhere, anytime. We just have to learn to be receptive to them. It’ll make your daily walks much more interesting


why i watch Community(jk, there’s much much more to the show)I don’t even know why people AREN’T watching this show

why i watch Community
(jk, there’s much much more to the show)

I don’t even know why people AREN’T watching this show

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what the fuck. 
i don’t get why ppl like Big Bang, or How I met Your mother, or .. 2 and a half men, or any other show over over Community.

feels like all the shows are about the same thing … attractive white playboy men models eventually settling down with the ‘right girl’, (of course, after experiencing all the ‘ups and downs’ with relationships throughout the series)… it’s like the shows are constantly forcing this doctrine of ‘how to live’ onto the veiwers. There has to be the potential ‘settling down girl’, and the ‘hot but not that importnat girl’ and all the other hackneyed combinations the writers could think of. The constnat regurgitation is disgusting. 

Sure, Community has ‘the barney’ too—Jeff Winger, you couldsay. But while How I met Your mother and its fans place Barnie on a pedastool (and click ‘set as profile pic’ of Barney’s face), Community constatly attacks this idea and melts away the pretense of the playboy and we see an evolution.

Seriously, watch community. starts of slow but you’ll eventually be glued to it.

omg this is great

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i tried making a gif of hair looks like a mushroom alomst. i should get a haircut

i tried making a gif of headbanging.

my hair looks like a mushroom alomst. i should get a haircut

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fuck it’s been a long time since i’ve been on here.

between all the epiphanies of life and the constant wondering in the refriegerator for food, i guess summer’s been pretty loose. Of course, not that it’s supposed to be, it’s just that the force of procrastination took captive of me and I’m unable to get any work done while trapped under its basement. 

write write write. 

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it’s been a while

…since I’ve signed on. I still have my 14 followers…so Yay. 

under the constant influx of schoolwork and college prep. stuff, it’s been hard to get on. 

anyways, to the fourteen people who may actually be reading this—be happy.

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From the story “Fountain pen gone wrong” by izzysnarroad. Read it on Backspaces.

From the story “Fountain pen gone wrong” by izzysnarroad. Read it on Backspaces.

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From the story “#somethingspecial” by izzysnarroad. Read it on Backspaces.

From the story “#somethingspecial” by izzysnarroad. Read it on Backspaces.

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